Island Threads Limited Collection

Behind the scenes in Winter we spend many months sourcing fabrics, working on samples and producing our own small line of designs in Indonesia. It's a long and stressful process, but we love it. Seeing the hard work through to something tangible that other people can enjoy makes the blood, sweat and tears worthwhile.


In May, whilst in Cyprus for a wedding, we took the opportunity to shoot some of our new collection. Here are our favourite shots featuring the beautiful Nasia taken in Larnaca.


The Sardinia Striped Wrap Skirt

wrap skirt


The Antalya Shorts

A print reminiscent of ethnic style, the Antalya shorts and trousers were inspired whilst helping our friend style her Turkish wedding. 

 Tulum Maxi Skirt

Our classic high waisted maxi skirt received a multi coloured update this season. When we bought this fabric, we stared at it for 2 weeks before deciding what to do with it, but we just knew we had to have it!

With only 12 metres of fabric available we were able to make only 6 skirts, so this is a really Limited piece. 

tulu skirt

Black Crop Top & Zante Kimono

Our classic crop top is a simple piece but a wardrobe staple that can be worn anyway you want. It looks great with anything high waisted! 

black crop top

black crop top

zante kimono


We are proud to say that the Limited Collection and Island Unique Collection is all handmade and ethically produced by talented people in happy, healthy working conditions. Please note some of the clothing featured here is not from the Limited Collection.


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