Jersey Live 2015

Thanks to everyone who came down to see us at our first Island Threads Pop Up Shop at Jersey Live! Here are some snaps we managed to get when we weren't braiding or playing dress up with you
The lovely lady nabbed our new gypsy choker before it even managed to get online. Loving her style!
Shout out to the Capetonian who got a whole new wardrobe from us including our Paisley Dress!
JoJo wore her headers from last year's JL. It lived to survive another Jersey Live! 
Nina from The Green House Project grabbed our only green headdress of the year. We think she was happy about it!
2 headresses in 2 days for this little lady! 
Gill's Braid Bar 
Simba from Jersey Live went for a Braidmental style complete with our hair rings available to buy here.  
Rawesome Rebel was feeling fab after 5 minutes with us and was ready to party with the girls!
The Storm troppers even came to say HEY in between patrolling the Galactic Empire! 

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